Virtual Chautauqua: The 1950s
On July 30 and July 31, Chautauqua scholars Dr. Lenneal Henderson & Becky Stone and Eisenhower expert Jim Newton joined us for live online chats about Civil Rights and politics in the 1950s, answer your questions and respond to your thoughts. Watch the recorded videos now!

“The Fight for Civil Rights” with Dr. Lenneal Henderson & Becky Stone

Dr. Henderson and Ms. Stone explored significant developments in the Civil Rights movement in the 1950s and how the different events are tied to issues of politics, faith, and mass media. They also discussed the historical figures that Henderson and Stone portray in “The Fifties in Focus” Nebraska Chautauqua — Thurgood Marshall and Rosa Parks, respectively — and how events in the 1950s influence our country’s current conversations about race.

“Perceptions of President Eisenhower and Politics in the 1950s” with Jim Newton

Jim Newton describes how perceptions have changed about President Eisenhower as a key figure in the 1950s. He delves into how many events in the 1950s are shaped by his shrewd leadership. We also talked with Jim Newton about what drew him to write about 1950s figures like President Eisenhower and Chief Justice Earl Warren.