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Upcoming Events

Voices and Votes: Democracy in America

Saunders County Museum 240 N. Walnut, Wahoo, NE, United States

August 29 – October 7, 2023 Saunders County Historical Society & Museum Tuesday through Saturday 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Learn more here.


Nebraska Poets Virtual Reading Series

Virtual Program

The Nebraska Poets Reading Series highlights the talent of Nebraska poets and invites discussion with audience members. All events are free online, but registration is required to receive an event […]

Maria Rodaway: Prairie Pioneer

Sandhills Journey National Scenic Byway Visitors Center 44106 Hwy 2, Broken Bow, NE, United States

Speaker: Karen Wyatt Drevo Sponsored by the Custer Economic Development Corporation

Diaries and Letters of Early Nebraska Settlers

Morton-James Public Library 923 1st Corso, Nebraska City, NE, United States

Speaker: Marge Saiser and Lucy Adkins Sponsored by the Morton James Public Library

Nebraskans possess the knowledge, understanding, and empathy
to cultivate a more informed, thoughtful, and just society.

We believe that culture and connection are essential rights of human expression.

We celebrate shared histories and diverse cultures.

We value conversation that respects difference and finds points of common experience.

We develop engaging experiences for all Nebraskans.

We provide inclusive opportunities to learn from the past to enrich our future.

We are flexible and responsive to the changing and pressing needs of Nebraskans.
We expose people to other worlds of expression and human existence.
We foster lives of purpose and meaning.

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