Stories of 24th & Glory with Johnny Rodgers and Dirk Chatelain (Read More)

Curriosity Connections returens for Black History Month! Attend this event online or in person at Restore Omaha! (Seating limited to 60 guests.) Based on the book by Dirk Chatelain, "Stories of 24th & Glory" will be an in-depth conversation about how a small segregated neighborhood in Omaha produced Nebraska's greatest generation of athletes at the peak of the civil rights era, including baseball Hall of Famer Bob Gibson, basketball star Bob Boozer, and football legends Marlin Briscoe, Gale Sayers and Johnny Rodgers. "Husker of the Century" Johnny Rodgers will talk about his own experiences with Chatelain. This promises to be an eye-opening conversation, which will include time for questions from the audience. Register now to attend online or in person at Omaha's Revive Center at 24th & Lake Street.

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