The applicant organization must pay a $50 processing fee ($100 for the second application in a calendar year) that accompanies the application form. The following high-use speakers have a $75 processing fee: Jeff Barnes, Cherrie Beam-Clarke, Darrell Draper, Charlotte Endorf, Sue McLain, and Joan Wells. Applications will NOT be processed without this fee. A $100 processing fee also is required if the second application is for a high-use speaker. Virtual Speaker application: Humanities Nebraska (HN) has opened its Speakers Bureau to livestreaming opportunities for the first time in its 47-year history.  In order to make a variety of humanities-themed content available during the pandemic, HN now allows organizations to pay a reduced processing fee ($25) to book a speaker for a virtual program through Facebook LIVE, Zoom, or a similar online platform. If the organization agrees to publicly post the recorded program via a platform such as YouTube, HN will waive the processing fee entirely. The hosting organization and the speaker will work together on the details of the program as they do with a usual in-person program. Organizations are responsible for paying speaker honoraria and mileage over $750. This does not include the processing fee. Free or reduced lunch eligibility: In schools where 50% or more of the students are eligible for the free and reduced price school meals program, the processing fee for the first program of the year is $35 and $50 for high-use speakers. For the second program of the year, the processing fee is $100. Schools must prepare students for the HN Speakers Bureau program and follow-up after the program. Schools must have a teacher or adult youth leader present during the entire program. Schools may not use the HN Speakers Bureau program as a substitute teacher. For Limited Audience applications the organization is responsible for paying a $50 processing fee ($100 for the second program in a calendar year) plus 50% of the speaker expenses (honorarium and travel, which is determined by HN). Although the organization is not required to promote the program or open the program to the public, any publicity about the program must acknowledge HN funding. As noted in the universal policies, the HN poster must be displayed at the program site and must be clearly visible. HN support of the Speakers Bureau program must be acknowledged at the beginning of the program. For the Multiple Presentations application, the processing fee is $50 per speaker plus $50 per program. For example, two speakers each conducting two programs would cost the organization $300). There is no limit on the number of speakers and/or programs as long as they are for the same event. The processing fee must accompany the application form. Applications will NOT be processed without this fee.

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