Are you ready for “The Fifties in Focus” Nebraska Chautauqua on July 28-30 in McCook?

One fun way to get into the groove is to enjoy a 1950s-style meal with family and friends. We’ve researched some popular dishes of the decade and put together a few options for you. Recipes included if you need them! 

Fancy Fifties Menu

(Suitable for a dinner party and your finest ’50s outfit, including ruffled aprons…)

Appetizer:  Swedish Meatballs
Main Dish: Chicken Kiev
Side Dishes: Scalloped Potatoes and Green Beans Almondine
Salad: Waldorf Salad
Dessert: Lemon Chiffon Cake
Beverage: Bay Breeze for adults, whole milk for the kiddos


Friendly Fifties Menu

(Easier recipes for a weeknight family meal)

Appetizer:  Stuffed Celery
Main Dish: Salisbury Steak
Side Dishes: Mashed Potatoes (we won’t tell if you use instant mashed potatoes, as they were introduced in 1957) & Red Cabbage
Salad: Wedge Salad
Dessert: Banana Pudding
Beverage: Adults may have had a glass of burgundy or just water, while the kids were stuck with milk again. 


Fast Fifties Menu

(Convenience foods were all the rage, and each of these was introduced in the 1950s.)

Appetizer: Chex Mix (read about it here)
Main Dish: Cheez Whiz & Tuna Casserole.  Too much work? You can always opt for Swanson frozen dinners. 
Side Dish: Some kind of canned green vegetable you can heat up in a hurry. Or just mix some frozen peas into the casserole for a one-dish-and-done meal.
Dessert: Bomb Pops (read about them here)
Beverage: Well, it should be RC Cola (the first canned soft drink – here’s its sad history) but any kind of soda in a can will do.