Ron Jensen

Ron founded Jensen Associates in 1988 – the lobbying firm that would ultimately become Jensen Rogert Associates in 2012. Since then he has built a solid reputation for vigorous representation of his clients’ interests, effective and timely communication, as well as sound management and attention to detail. The stability of the firm’s client list offers ample evidence of Ron’s continuing effectiveness.

Ron holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Nebraska and brings to Jensen Rogert Associates a wealth of experience and a record of meaningful achievement in public service, legislative and government relations, health care administration, and association management. Over the period of his career, he has served three tours of duty in Nebraska State Government, the first one as a member of the Governor’s staff, and the last one as director of the state’s then-largest agency, the Department of Public Institutions, an agency that included the bulk of the functions now housed in the Department of Health and Human Services. In the private sector, Ron has served as a hospital vice president, administrator of a children and adolescent psychiatric hospital, and deputy director and government relations specialist for a statewide hospital association.