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Chautauqua Oral History Submission

First Name
Last Name
Address Line 1
Postal Code
When were you born?
Where did you grow up?
Where did you go to school (elementary, high, college)?
What is / was your profession?
Popular Culture
What do you recall about 1950s popular culture?
What was your favorite: TV show, movie, musician? Why was this significant to you? What impact do you think this media / person had on society during that time?
Describe what life was like as a teenager growing up in the 1950s. What types of social activities did you participate in as a teenager? What was dating like as a teenager in the 1950s? Where in your community did teenagers typically hang out in the 1950s? What were the social norms for appropriate teenage behavior, and how did they change over time?
Describe your first car. What do you remember most about it? Share a special memory associated with your car. Why was this automobile significant to you?
Describe a site within Nebraska that your family visited for vacation. What was it like? Why do you think your family went there? What was the lodging like? What were some of its most interesting features?
Upload a photo related to Nebraska in the 1950s and tell us the story behind it
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