Maureen Waldron

Tells a fascinating story of the life of Eugene Kingman, who was director of the Joslyn Art Museum from 1946 until 1968.


An old mural painted in an Omaha home led to the rediscovery of a remarkable American artist whose love of Nebraska shaped his life.  Eugene Kingman was an extraordinary leader in the art world. His iconic mural of the world hung in the lobby of the New York Times for more than 40 years.

This fast-paced program is illustrated with nearly 120 images, including dozens of Kingman’s Nebraska paintings.  And, you’ll learn the story of the New York Times mural, now restored and on display in Omaha – the city where it was painted.

Maureen Waldron

Title: Chair, Kingman/New York Times Mural Restoration Committee

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (402) 639-8573

City: Omaha

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