Preston Love Jr.

The history of the 1919 riot in Omaha that lead to the lynching of Will Brown.


One of Omaha’s riots occurred September 28–29, 1919. The riot was by white people: it was not a race riot as they were frequently termed and it resulted in the brutal lynching of Will Brown, the death of two white rioters, the attempted hanging of Mayor Edward Parsons Smith, as well as white and black citizens, and a public rampage by thousands of white rioters who set fire to the Douglas County Courthouse in downtown Omaha. Fast forward to September 2019, which marked the 100 year anniversary of the Will Brown tragedy, and may provide an opportunity for education, dialogue, healing, and transformative progress in many areas of race relations and the addressing of solutions and progress to the challenges of today.

Preston Love Jr.

Title: Author and Adjunct Professor of Black Studies, University of Nebraska- Omaha

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