Board nominations are due October 20, 2023!

Nomination to the Council Board of Directors

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Humanities Nebraska (HN) is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to helping Nebraskans explore what connects us and makes us human. HN is seeking nominations for membership on our Council board of directors. In its selection of new members, HN seeks representation from Nebraska’s diverse geographical, occupational, generational, and ethnic constituencies. Board nominations are reviewed annually by HN’s Membership Committee, and a slate of candidates is advanced to the full Board for approval.  The public is invited to nominate Nebraskans who are committed to the importance of the humanities in enriching our lives and our communities. To submit a nomination, fill out the requested information below, including the nominee’s occupation, education, areas of public service, and other biographical information, along with a summary of his or her contributions to the humanities, whether volunteer or professional. Self-nominations are also accepted. If you are nominating yourself, please include contact information for a personal reference from another individual. If nominating someone else, please include assurance that the nominee would be willing to serve and is aware of member responsibilities. Online nomination forms should be submitted no later than midnight Mountain Time, Friday, October 13, 2023. 

I nominate the following individual for membership on the Humanities Nebraska Board of Directors:

Duties and Responsibilities of HN Board Members

Humanities Nebraska (HN) supports public understanding and appreciation of the humanities in Nebraska through programs that draw on history, literature, culture, philosophy, and other areas of the humanities HN awards grants to other nonprofits offering public humanities programs in their communities, and delivers a variety of its own programs including a Speakers Bureau, Capitol Forum on America’s Future, Prime Time Family Reading Time, Chautauqua, the Museum On Main Street traveling Smithsonian exhibits, the annual Governor’s Lecture in the Humanities, and other programs and partnerships. Historically, the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) has been a major source of funding; now over half of HN’s support comes from private donations, the Nebraska Cultural Endowment, and an appropriation from the Nebraska Legislature.

The Council is composed of 20 board members from across the state; Council members are expected to attend three board meetings a year, serve on working committees (which meet by conference call), assist with competitive grant review, assist in fundraising activities, make an annual financial contribution, promote public awareness of HN and its objectives, and attend and evaluate HN-funded programs.

Council members are selected statewide from nominated individuals who are community leaders and by reason of achievement, scholarship, or activity have a strong interest in the humanities and the cultural life of Nebraska. Efforts are also made to maintain representation from Nebraska’s diverse geographical, occupational, generational, and ethnic constituencies. A balance is sought between those involved in the humanities and other professional, business, or community pursuits. Five members are appointed by the governor and serve at his/her pleasure, or as long as he/she remains in office. Elected members serve for a three-year term and are eligible for re-election for a second three-year term, thus serving a maximum of six years.

Board members receive no pay for service on the Council. HN’s conflict of interest policy states that Council members (and members of their immediate households) may participate in programs funded by HN, but may not receive honoraria for those services from HN funds. They may, however, be reimbursed for travel expenses incurred in such service.