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Nebraska Warrior Writers Blog

Publishing opp for military writers

Blue Nostalgia is the signature publication of the Veterans’ PTSD project. Blue Nostalgia gives us a medium to connect to our brothers and sisters, while allowing the civilian community a glimpse into our world. There are many of us who have experienced the trauma that comes with armed conflict, but there are many more who have not, and never will. We veterans hold in our minds and bodies the history of our wars, and if the non-veteran community is to grasp who we are, what we have experienced, and what we are capable of as productive citizens, we must tell our stories. Learn more here:

Welcome to the NWW Blog!

The Veterans and their families, along with their writing facilitators and Humanities Nebraska want to welcome you to their blog. You will discover a wide array of genres and styles of writing. Some share their personal accounts as a way of healing, but all of them write because they want their words to be heard. Enjoy and let us hear back from you.

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