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Oscar Rios

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Oscar Rios Pohirieth is a professional musician and has performed throughout Mexico, the United States and Europe. With over 30 years of experience, he specializes in the music of the Andes. Pohirieth is also a traveling and teaching artist through the Nebraska Arts Council and Humanities Nebraska.

Pohirieth helps his audiences learn information about unique instruments that they have often never seen or heard before. He analyzes the history, development and playing techniques of various Native Andean instruments such as the ZampoƱas (Andean Pan Pipes), the Quena (a recorder-like flute) and the Bombo (drum from African influence) to name a few. Through this process, Pohirieth hopes to create curiosity, cooperation and collaboration for exploring new music and culture. In addition, Pohirieth finds that performing in Nebraska creates cultural bridges to Latin America and fosters an understanding of Andean cultures.

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