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Speakers Bureau Policies

Universal Policies for All HN Speakers Bureau Programs

The following policies apply to all types of Speakers Bureau programs. Be sure to read additional policies that are specific to your category. 

  1. An organization that applies for a program must be a Nebraska not-for-profit organization or an educational institution.
  2. HN Speakers Bureau programs may not be used as fundraisers.
  3. HN Speakers Bureau programs may not be used to promote particular political positions or points of view. All HN programs must be balanced.
  4. The project director must notify HN and the speaker of any changes as soon as possible.
  5. Speakers Bureau final reports must be received by HN no more than 10 days after the program date.
  6. The sponsoring organization must acknowledge HN funding in all print materials, media interviews and at the beginning of each HN Speakers Bureau program.
  7. The HN poster must be displayed at the location of the Speakers Bureau program and must be clearly visible.
  8. Contributions from individuals to support the programming of Humanities Nebraska at the Speakers Bureau program should be returned with the final report.
  9. Individuals interested in making a gift at a later date should be encouraged to contact the HN office directly.
  10. HN requires a notice of the cancellation of a program at least 15 days before the program, or the organization forfeits the processing fee.
  11. If an organization fails to contact the speaker about the cancellation of a program, the organization is responsible for paying the speaker honorarium and travel cost in full.
  12. Failure to comply with HN Speakers Bureau policies can result in the organization not receiving future funding from HN.
Additional Policies By Category

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