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Category III. Limited Audience Program

1.  Your organization must be a not-for-profit organization.
2.  Program cannot be used for fundraising.
3.  You cannot charge for program, but you may charge for meals associated with program.

Examples of eligible organizations:

1.  Program for a club or organization meeting
2.  Special program for a social or civic club
3.  Program for an association’s conference
4.  Public Institutions (prisons, state hospitals, state veteran’s homes, youth treatment centers)

Cost: A $50 processing fee PLUS 50% of speakers expense as determined by HN’s office.** There is a $75 processing fee for the following high-use speakers: Jeff Barnes, Cherrie Beam-Callaway, Darrell Draper, Charlotte Endorf, Sue McLain and Joan Wells.  For the second program of a calendar year, the cost is a $100 processing fee PLUS 50% of speakers expense as determined by HN’s office. A $100 processing fee also is required if the second program is for a high-use speaker.

(**Public Institutions only have to pay the processing fee.)

Limitations: Two programs per calendar year for the same organization and/or targeted audience. Organizations are responsible for paying speaker honoraria and mileage over $750. This does not include the processing fee.

View the policies for a Category III program here.

Humanities Nebraska programming is made possible by:

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