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Main Topic: Our State
Topic: Nebraskans Who Made a Difference

Speaker: Evelyn Haller

Louise Pound, Nebraska Athlete and Scholar: Biography or Living History

Louise Pound was the first woman elected to the Nebraska Sports Hall of Fame. The confidence she gained from her notable athletic achievements, including a man’s letter in tennis at the University of Nebraska and many long-distance bicycling awards, contributed to her setting high academic goals for herself and persevering to their attainment. At a time when women rarely went on to higher education, she excelled, achieving a doctorate in German language (philology) in record time. On her return to the University of Nebraska, Pound coached women’s basketball and disagreed with the policies of Mabel Lee who was among the first women trained in physical education. Academically, Pound gained national recognition for her pioneering contributions to the study of American language and folklore.

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