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Main Topic: Our Nation
Topic: World War I

Speaker: Thomas Berg

World War I and the Treaty of Versailles: How the Treaty that Ended the "War to End All Wars" Helped Trigger World War II

In July 1919, the Treaty of Versailles ended the war in which machine guns, artillery, tanks, aircraft, submarines, and poison gas killed millions of civilians and soldiers among the victorious and defeated nations alike. By November 1921,France, Great Britain, and the United States had reverentially buried their respective Unknown Soldier. Seemingly, the future looked peaceful, and humanity could again hope; however, this vision was an illusion that could not last. Within ten years, Mussolinibecame the dictator of Italy, Hitler tried to overthrow a German province, Stalin was the brutal dictator in the Soviet Union, and Japan attacked China; Asia and Europe were now on the road to war. How could so much hope contained in the Treaty of Versaillesshatter twenty years later into the catastrophe of the Second World War?

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