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Chautauqua Oral History Submission

First Name
Last Name
Address Line 1
Postal Code
When were you born?
Where did you grow up?
Where did you go to school (elementary, high, college)?
What is / was your profession?
Community Life
What town would you say served as the economic hub of your community during the 1950s? Has that changed at all since? Why?
What stores do you recall being in your community during the 1950s? What restaurants do you recall from the 1950s?
What was the most important social or cultural institution to the life of your community? Why? What was it about this institution that made it central to community life?
Describe a community event that you participated in during the 1950s. Where did this take place? How often did it occur? Who sponsored this event? What types of activities could you engage in at this event?
Upload a photo related to Nebraska in the 1950s and tell us the story behind it
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