While HN has no fixed scale for stipends to humanities scholars, HN funds may be requested for no more than $1000 per day for the first day, and $500 per day thereafter. (The grantee can pay a higher honorarium if they choose by adding funding from some other source.)

HN can pay necessary travel at a rate not to exceed 60 cents per mile* for privately owned automobiles.

Air travel, where necessary, should be figured at economy rates, including a Saturday night stay-over if that lowers the cost.

Maximum Per Diem (daily allowance for meals and lodging) may be requested at a maximum of $100 per day per person.

Except when necessary to the project (for out-of-town speakers), food and lodging costs will not be covered by HN funds. No HN funds may be expended for entertainment, social activities or liquor. HN funds may not be used for meals or refreshments for audience participants. These items may be listed as cash or in-kind match.

HN limits what it will pay for television advertising to $500.

*Mileage rate as of July 1, 2022