Promotion and publicity: Grantees are required to coordinate promotion and publicity of programs and events with HN. Acknowledgement of HN support is required in all publicity. The use of the current HN logo is required on all promotional material.  

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Acknowledgement of HN support: Grantees are required to give proper credit to HN for its support. This includes printing an acknowledgement of HN support and use of the HN logo on all promotional and program material, making an announcement crediting HN with support at the beginning of any program or event, displaying the HN poster at the program, and noting HN support in any interviews with the media.

Evaluation forms: Audience evaluation of a grant funded program is required. The grantee may use its own or the HN evaluation form. Electronic or paper forms may be used. If the grantee wishes to use the HN electronic form, audience members should be directed to our online audience survey. The grantee should summarize the evaluations in its final report. If the HN evaluation form is used, grantees should forward any forms with names and addresses requesting contact with HN.

Admission fees: Programs should be open to the public and free of charge or at a nominal fee. If an admission fee is charged, anticipated revenue must have been accounted for in the budget and must be shown in the summary of expenditures with the costs it covered.

Changes to the budget: Grantees are allowed to move a percentage of the approved grant budget from one category to another without prior approval. The allowable percentage is noted in the grant agreement.

Changes to the program: Any substitution of speaker, scholar, or specialist funded through an HN grant must be requested in writing and approved by HN.

Unused funds: Funds not used for the purposes spelled out in the grant application must be returned to HN within 90 days of the end of the grant period.

Reporting: Organizations receiving HN grant support are required to submit a final report on their project within 90 days after the project’s end date. For Major Grants of more than $2000, 10% of the grant award will be withheld by HN until a satisfactory final report is received by HN.

The final report and summary of expenditures must be submitted online. These forms are attached to your grant application in that system.


Failure to abide by HN policies may result in your organization being ineligible for future HN funding.

Retention of grant files: HN will keep grant files for 10 years. At a minimum, the file will contain the grant proposal, the signed grant contract and the final report including the summary of expenditures.

Products/Copyright: The grantee may copyright products (book, video, CD, etc.) that are produced with the assistance of HN grant funding.