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Program or Event Requirements

Promotion and publicity: Grantees are required to coordinate promotion and publicity of programs and events with HN. Acknowledgement of HN support is required in all publicity. The use of the current HN logo is required on all promotional material.

Admission fees: Programs should be open to the public and free of charge or at a nominal fee. If an admission fee is charged, anticipated revenue must be accounted for in the budget to shows the costs it will cover.

Acknowledgement of HN support: Grantees are required to give proper credit to the HN for its support. This includes printing an acknowledgement of HN support and use of the HN logo on all promotional and program material, making an announcement crediting HN with support at the beginning of any public program or event, display the HN poster at the program, and noting HN support in any interviews with the press.

Evaluation forms: HN will provide the grantee with evaluation forms. The forms should be passed out at the beginning of the program or event and collected at the end. The evaluation forms should be sent to HN along with the final grant report.

Changes to the budget: Grantees are allowed to move up to 10 percent of the grant budget from one category to another without prior approval. Any budget change greater than 10 percent must be requested in writing and approved by Humanities Nebraska.

Changes to the program: Any substitution of a speaker, scholar, or specialist funded through a HN grant must be requested in writing and approved by the HN.

Humanities Nebraska programming is made possible by:

and generous individuals, foundations, and businesses across Nebraska.