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Media and Website/Digital Requirements

Under certain circumstances funding for pre-production aspects of media and Web site/digital projects is available through the mini grant process. Consult with HN staff about this possibility.

HN will send media and Web site/digital grant applications to outside reviewers who have expertise in the area. Each reviewer will assess the technical merits of the project and the capability of the project team to deliver the proposed results. The applicant will receive a copy of each reviewer’s assessment and will be allowed to submit a formal response to the technical review as part of the application process.

Following the technical review, media and Web site/digital grant applications will be included in the major grant process.

Applicants from outside the state of Nebraska must submit a $150 processing fee to subsidize the cost of the technical review process.

Digital products, such as Web sites, DVDs, or CD-ROMs, may be components of a larger project or be projects in their own right. Projects relying heavily or solely on a digital format should have strong humanities content, be based on sound scholarship, and offer users an interactive and engaging experience. These projects could be humanities-based Internet presentations such as online exhibitions that might be interactive and could include open dialogue moderated by humanities scholars. Projects must be humanities-based programs. HN will not fund organizational Web sites or promotional Web sites or CD/DVDs.

Humanities Nebraska programming is made possible by:

and generous individuals, foundations, and businesses across Nebraska.