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After the Program

Unused funds: Funds not used for the specific purposes spelled out in the grant application must be returned to Humanities Nebraska within 90 days of the ending of the grant period.

Reporting: Organizations receiving HN grant support are required to submit a final report on their project within three months after the project’s end date. For major grants 10 percent of the grant award will be withheld by the HN until a satisfactory final report has been received.

Retention of Grant Files: HN will keep grant files for 10 years. At a minimum, the grant folder will contain the grant proposal, the signed grant contract, the final project report, and the final fiscal report.

Products/Copyright: While the grantee may copyright products (book, video, CD, etc.) that are produced through the assistance of HN grant funding, at least one copy must be provided to HN with the expressed understanding that said product will be made available to the public through the HN Humanities Resource Center and excerpts from said product may be used in HN publications.

Humanities Nebraska programming is made possible by:

and generous individuals, foundations, and businesses across Nebraska.