Jeff Barnes

When Grand Duke Alexis of Russia wanted to go bison hunting, Custer brought him to Nebraska.


The year was 1872 and America was abuzz with the royal visit of the Grand Duke Alexis, the young, charismatic son of the czar of Russia. When a mild winter and a break in the tour schedule allowed, the grand duke came to Nebraska for a world-famous buffalo hunt. This 150th anniversary presentation tells of the remarkable meeting of “Buffalo Bill” Cody, George Custer, Phil Sheridan, and Lakota Chief Spotted Tail with Alexis.  Through the newspaper accounts, photographs and illustrations of the day, Barnes also covers the rapid transition of the five-year-old state of Nebraska, beginning with the fastest growing city on the frontier and ending with the relocation of the Indian tribes and disappearance of the buffalo herds of the Great Plains.

Jeff Barnes

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