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Winter 2019 Newsletter

Grant Spotlight: Forgiveness Lincoln, Faith Coalition of Lancaster County


          One local organization is working to encourage forgiveness and reconciliation towards racial 
discrimination and race motivated aggression. Forgiveness Lincoln is a project of Faith Coalition of Lancaster County that promotes reflection and dialogue within the community. The program is centered around breaking the cycle of violence and retribution through healthy cycles of emotions such as processing, understanding, acceptance, and forgiveness. 
          From April 26th to May 16th, 2019, “Stories of Forgiveness” was staged at Gateway Mall, with the help of a grant from Humanities Nebraska. This 
exhibition consisted of a three-week public display of 18 six-foot art banners that featured true stories
of forgiveness and reconciliation from citizens around the world. 
          Lorinda Rice, an art curriculum specialist for Lincoln Public Schools who helped develop 
Forgiveness Lincoln, said, “The project was an opportunity for the community to see multiple perspectives of the theme of Forgiveness in the banners. Reading these experiences and then talking with others allows us to unravel our thinking and grow.” 
          The project also included hosting a speaker at the Lincoln Mayor’s prayer breakfast and a forum at Nebraska Wesleyan University. Through these events, community members could experience the incredible story of Pardeep Kaleka. On August 5th, 2012, a white supremacist killed Pardeep’s father in a mass shooting at a Milwaukee Sikh temple. 
          Pardeep later became co-creator of Serve 2 Unite, inspiring others with his commitment to foster forgiveness and peace in our communities. 
          Forgiveness Lincoln provided the community with an opportunity to grow psychologically together to cultivate a more compassionate, 
inclusive, and accepting society.
          After seeing the exhibit, one person said, “Forgiveness is a natural human need for survival of the soul.” 

Humanities Nebraska programming is made possible by:

and generous individuals, foundations, and businesses across Nebraska.