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Winter 2019 Newsletter

Ashland to Host "The Fifties in Focus"

          Nebraska Chautauqua will return next summer. Ashland will host “The Fifties in Focus,” a comprehensive and objective look at a decade that is often viewed with a sense of nostalgia and romanticism - hot rods, rock-and-roll, fashion, and the like. 
          But the ’50s were marked by sweeping change as Americans dealt with Cold War tensions related to the Korean War, and watched the U.S. and Russia compete for dominance in space. Domestic resources were strained by the baby boom, while women and minorities sought to succeed in the labor market. The Civil Rights movement began to solidify, and McCarthyism compromised families, friendships and working relationships. 
          Mark your calendar for July 31-August 1, and plan to join your family and friends in exploring the social, economic, political, and international changes of the 1950s. There will be a variety of activities and events for Nebraskans of all ages to enjoy, led by experts and scholars. 
          “The Fifties in Focus” just might change the way you look at America’s most iconic decade, forever. More details will be shared on the HN website soon and in the spring edition of this newsletter. For information, contact
Kristi Hayek Carley, program manager, at or 402-474-2131.

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