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Summer 2019 Newsletter

Student ballots indicate nearly even divide of opinions

Last March, students who participated in the 21st Capitol Forum on America’s Future voted on their choices for U.S. foreign policy.

While previous years have shown a clear front-runner, the option to “Focus on Our Efforts at Home” barely bested “Protect U.S. Global Interests,” and “Build a More Cooperative World,” which was last year’s top choice at 46%. “Lead the World to Democracy” was the fourth choice.

Once again, the issue students most often cited as a concern was “Nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons will proliferate and end up in the hands of terrorists” (43%). The second most cited item (42%) was “The U.S. will drain its resources trying to solve other countries’ problems.” 

Complete ballot results are available online on the Capitol Forum page. 

More than 25 schools across the state will be using the Capitol Forum “Choices” curriculum beginning this fall and culminating in the March 2020 Capitol Forum Day. 

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