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Summer 2019 Newsletter

Favorite titles from our Prime Time library

By Dr. Erika Hamilton, Director of Literary Programs

If you venture into the back rooms of the Humanities Nebraska office, you will be surrounded by shelves full of children’s books. We have a selection of 125 titles used in Prime Time Family Reading Time and Prime Time Preschool. Here is a preview of two favorites.

“A Spoon for Every Bite” by Joe Hayes tells of a clever riddle that is, perhaps, taken a bit too far. After a poor couple is laughed at by their rich neighbor for only having three spoons, the couple mentions that they “have a friend who uses a different spoon for every bite he eats.” The neighbor is so disturbed that someone would have a richer lifestyle, he goes home and refuses to use the same spoon twice. 

Participants at Gomez Elementary School in Omaha said the book “taught us a lot about life and how to be humble, and that no matter if we are poor or rich we can make friends.”

“Stellaluna” by Janell Cannon is the beloved story of a baby bat who gets lost from her mom and grows up under the care of a mama bird. 

At Westside Elementary in Norfolk, families discussed how the baby bat and her bird siblings learned from their similarities and differences. This led to a conversation about being friends with someone from a different culture or a different outlook on life. 

A similar conversation happened at the Grand Island Public Library when families were asked if Mother Bird was right to make Stellaluna follow her rules. They discussed how they perceive others as different, what they expect from other people, whether those expectations are appropriate or not, and how they have responded when someone else behaved in a way that was considered inappropriate.

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