Capitol Forum Workshop

Capitol Forum teachers share strategies

Humanities Nebraska kicked off the state’s 20th year of Capitol Forum on America’s Future with a summer workshop
for participating teachers. 

The group gathered on July 24 at the University of Nebraska’s Water for Food Global Institute. 

“We introduced the new teachers to the program,” said Kristi Hayek Carley, program manager. “All of the teachers had a great opportunity to share strategies and compare notes from their classrooms.”

Rachael Herpel and Molly Nance from the Water for Food Global Institute also took part. They shared the mission of the Institute and reviewed some of their current projects. 

In collaboration with Nebraska Secretary of State John Gale, the 20th annual Capitol Forum on America’s Future on March 19, 2018 will bring together teachers and approximately 100 high school student representatives from throughout the state at the State Capitol in Lincoln.

Statewide, the program engages more than 1,500 students in meaningful discussions about crucial global issues, with their peers and elected officials, in order to learn about the complexities that shape our nation’s future and their own important roles as active, informed citizens.

To learn more, contact Kristi Hayek Carley at 402.474.2131 or

Or visit the Capitol Forum page at

Capitol Forum students opt for a more cooperative world

Students who participated in the 19th Capitol Forum on America’s Future Day last March voted on public policy. Out of four “Futures” platforms provided in the Choices curriculum, most students chose “Build a More Cooperative World.” 

The issue students most often cited as cause for concern was “Nuclear, biological, and chemcial weapons will proliferate and end up in the hands of terrorists.” The second most cited concern was, “Billions of people worldwide will continue to suffer from poverty, hunger and disease.” 

Complete ballot results are available online on the Capitol Forum page at



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