(3) Omaha Subjects

Ahead of Their Time-The Story of the Omaha DePorres Club

by Matt Holland

Holland reveals the little-know story of the Omaha DePorres Club’s pioneering efforts to change the pattern of racial discrimination and segregation that existed in Nebraska’s largest city. Tracing the arc of the club’s evolution from its founding in 1947, Holland provides moving insights into the members and their motives, struggles, and victories.

In Their Own Image: The Hidden History of African Americans in Omaha

by Patrick Jones

Go beyond negative headlines and persistent stereotypes to discover the rich, and largely hidden, history of African Americans in Omaha. Drawing on an array of digitized artifacts from the Great Plains Black History Museum collection, Jones offers a multi-faceted portrait of black life in Omaha since the late 19th century.

The Trans-Mississippi Exposition of 1898 in Omaha

by David Wells

The Trans-Mississippi Exposition of 1898 is celebrated with this presentation of rare photographic images. Hailed as a showcase of technology west of the Mississippi River, the exposition was designed to show that life beyond the mighty river was civilized and forward-thinking. Wells describes the construction of the exposition, the use of the lagoon and the sophisticated buildings at their zenith, and their dismantling.

History of the University of Nebraska Medical Center

by John Schleicher

Schleicher presents the history of the University of Nebraska Medical Center exploring the colleges of medicine, nursing, pharmacy, dentistry and school of allied health professions.

The Irish in Omaha: 1854-2004

by James P. Cavanaugh

This program is a review of the Irish in Omaha from the founding of the city to the present. This program is in conjunction with Omaha’s Sesquicentennial.

The Founding of Omaha: 1854-1860

by James P. Cavanaugh

This program is a review of the events immediately preceding and following the establishment of Omaha City on July 4, 1854. It draws on family and community historical sources.