(6) Nebraska Industry Subjects

History of the Nebraska State Fair

by Jim McKee

Before Nebraska was even a state there was a Nebraska Territorial Fair, which was not only the first territory of the U. S. to have an official fair but it was the only territory to ever have a fair.  This program shows the development of the Nebraska fair from territorial days through the Omaha-based 1898 Transmississippi Exposition which replaced the state fair that year and the various cities which hosted the event before its “permanent” move to Lincoln and ends as the state fair moved to Grand Island.  

Stories From Nebraska's Agricultural History

by Jody Lamp

Lamp honors Nebraska’s agricultural history with stories of the spaces, places, inventions, commodities, events, and people that made Nebraska one of the top agricultural states in the nation and gave rise to such slogans as “The Beef State” and “The Cornhusker State.” Lamp will enlighten and entertain with important and little know stories like the history of the Grand Island Horse and Mule Barn Markets.

Nebraska Goes to China: Research, Education and Relations with Asia’s Rising Power

by Patrice McMahon

Why has China become such an important trade and education partner and what kinds of activities are under way? What does it mean for the state and what’s behind the state’s interest in global engagement? McMahon discusses Nebraska’s current relationships with China.

The People Who Made it Work: A Centennial History of the Cushman Motor Works

by Mary Kay Quinlan

Based on a 2001 project for the Cushman Motor Works centennial celebration, this presentation tells the history of the Lincoln, Neb., company from its beginnings when the Cushman cousins perfected a modification of a two-cycle engine to its end in 2002 when the product line was moved out of the state. The speaker uses quotes from oral history interviews and a Power Point slide show.