(1) General Subjects

abuse is not LOVE

by Felicia Webster

abuse is not LOVE, is a spoken word play with the creative highlights and energy of Dani Cleveland, Doriette Jordan, Paula Bell and Felicia Webster. This highly charged 40 minute play uses interactive dialogue, gospel, hip hop and theater to disseminate information on the cycle of abuse. With personal testimonies and emotional ups and downs,  this is a show that is dedicated to keeping it real and telling the truth about domestic violence, it’s the healing journey and support needed to make it through the storm.

Well-Behaved Women Seldom Make History

by Lyn Messersmith by Deb Carpenter-Nolting

Stories, songs and poems about women who left footprints on history by stepping out of place. Consider Ann Eliza Young, Brigham Young’s 19th wife, who was instrumental in getting polygamy outlawed, “Baby Doe” Tabor, sometimes called The Silver Queen, or Dr. Mary Edwards Walker, the only female to be awarded our nation’s Medal of Honor. Nebraska’s Tad Lucas, lady bronc rider, was the only person inducted into all three Cowboy Halls of Fame. Nebraska also claims Susan LaFlesche Picotte, the first Native American woman to become a physician. If you’ve never heard of Helga Estby, who walked across America in 1996, it’s probably because her achievements were hidden by her family. Her story segues into a discussion of Tillie Olsen’s views about ways that creative women are often silenced.

Corps of Discovery in Song and Story

by Michael F. McDonald

Through original songs and stories, McDonald leads a lively celebration of the challenges and adventures faced by the members of Lewis and Clark’s Corps of Discovery.

The Klondike Goldrush , Seen Through the Eyes of Robert W. Service, Bard of the Yukon

by Stuart C. Lynn

In a Chautauqua-style presentation, Lynn portrays the Scottish-born poet Robert W. Service. Lynn revives the age-old art of storytelling with personal recollections and renditions of ballads about the Klondike gold rush. Service lived and wrote in the Yukon between 1903 and 1910. The program introduces listeners to such characters as Dangerous Dan McGrew, Sam McGee, Blasphemous Bill McGee, Salvation Bill and others.

Tales from Hans Christian Andersen

by Lisa Kramme

The delightful stories of Hans Christian Andersen are brought to life in the imaginations of audience members as Lisa Kramme shares tales by this great Danish author. Listeners also learn about the life of Andersen, including his early struggles and later successes.

Quilting Your Legacy

by Janie York

This program begins with stories about the men and women who helped shape Nebraska’s early quilt history and continues with a discussion of quilting as both a form of artistic expression and storytelling medium in our own culture. This program also demonstrates quilting as a method of recording family history. This program can be customized for any age group.

The Journey of Spoken Word

by Felicia Webster by Michelle Troxclair

The Wordsmiths present the history and nuances of Spoken Word, that part of the Great African Oral Tradition by which familial stories, history, traditions, morals and values, hopes and dreams, pain and tragedy are all relayed through cleverly woven poems and stories. It is the dramatic delivery of the soul through clever wordplay, tonal semantics, metaphor, odd syntax and characterization. It has grown, expanded and evolved. It is powerful, as words often are—when delivered with fervor, soul and spirit of African American people.

Mark Twain and the Lecture Circuit

by Wally A. Seiler

The great American humorist Mark Twain turned to lecturing as a method of making money. His lectures competed with other forms of entertainment, but he always drew a large audience. His secret was the wonderful stories he told, some true and some fabricated. In this presentation, Twain look-alike Seiler recounts some of Twain’s best-loved writings as he might have presented them on the lecture circuit.

Ghosts, Goblins and Ghouls!

by Dorothy Rieke

This discussion about what makes a story scary includes plenty of terrifying examples. There are age-appropriate stories to thrill and chill any audience.