(1) General Subjects

The Desire to Be Heard: Art, Culture, and the Human Experience

by Christopher Krampe

In an increasingly numbers-oriented society, the value of the humanities face heightened scrutiny from politicians, employers, and the general public. Krampe explores the significance and importance of art throughout human history, and why some things are very important, even if they cannot be easily measured or quantified.  The presentation introduces cutting edge archaeological discoveries and research in the exploration of the human need to be heard.

Music From Around the World

by David Marsh

With over a dozen instruments and stories about each, David entertains with music from around the world. This multi-cultural program is a musical expose of the influence that immigrants from around the world have had on our American culture. Audiences learn about the creativity of the “folk” who developed the instruments and musical styles, the role music has played in traditional cultures and the musical influences various cultures have had on one another in America.

Encounters with World Music

by Randall Snyder

These introductory remarks on non-Western systems of art and folk music include such topics as Islamic music from North Africa and the Middle East, the structure of the North Indian raga, the Indonesian gamelan and traditional music from Korea. This presentation features recordings, video material and demonstrations of instruments.