(2) Africa Subjects

The African Presence in Spanish America

by Jose Francisco Garcia

Learn how the migration of millions of Africans into the Americas over a period of time stretching from the 16th century to 1862 has influenced the peoples, history and culture of Spanish America.

Nelson Mandela and the End of Apartheid

by John Simmons

An informal discussion about how Nelson Mandela was the right man at the right time, maybe the only man who could have brought down apartheid relatively peacefully.  Simmons incorporates the role of other players including Winnie Mandela and F.W. de Klerk.

Africa on Six Wheels: A Semester on a Safari

by Betty Levitov

Join Professor Levitov and her Doane College students on an unforgettable learning experience as they study African history, literature, and culture during travels through seven countries.  Students encounter new customs and discover a subtle and complex connection among people normally worlds apart.

Contemporary Africa

by James S. Wunsch

It has been some 40 years since most of Africa achieved its independence. While hopes were high at independence time, many African states have experienced economic decline and political instability. The presenter, who has lived, taught, done research and traveled in much of Africa since the early 1970s, explores the reasons for these problems, what the African states are doing to improve their prospects and what the United States can do to help.

The Journey of Spoken Word

by Felicia Webster by Michelle Troxclair

The Wordsmiths present the history and nuances of Spoken Word, that part of the Great African Oral Tradition by which familial stories, history, traditions, morals and values, hopes and dreams, pain and tragedy are all relayed through cleverly woven poems and stories. It is the dramatic delivery of the soul through clever wordplay, tonal semantics, metaphor, odd syntax and characterization. It has grown, expanded and evolved. It is powerful, as words often are—when delivered with fervor, soul and spirit of African American people.