Nebraska Warrior Writers Workshops Serve Vets

We asked one of the veterans who participates in Nebraska Warrior Writers to describe the benefits of this program, still in its infancy, based on her experience.

By Sharon Robino-West

My initial interest in this veterans writing workshop came when I saw an announcement about a new group of writers coming together in support of veterans who wanted to express themselves through writing.

SharonRubioWestThis really piqued my interest because I had just attended a writer’s workshop through the Wounded Warrior Project, and I was eager to continue a story that I had begun during a flight on the way home from the workshop. I was hoping to find some similar type of group back in Nebraska.

I attended with much excitement and curiosity. I wasn’t disappointed.

Here was a group of writers of all ages, some Vietnam era all the way through the current Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts. We were men and women, young and old, family members and those who had served, all coming together to share our gifts. Some of us were better at poetry, some at prose, and we even had a really good storyteller in the group!

We grew together in camaraderie and honed our skills. Several of us did readings for the public when asked. Our confidence in our craft grew with each small step that we took. I even ended up publishing the story I’d worked on in a literary journal for the military arts. I was so very excited to see that happen.

As we’ve continued on, the mix of those attending has changed a bit. The venue also relocated, which may have proven to be something that slowed us down…

I would definitely like to see the workshop continue and grow. I think there is room for experimentation as far as who is included in future workshops, where we hold the workshops, and what kinds of goals we would like to accomplish as writers. The sky is the limit and there are stories to be told!

*  *  *

Dates and locations for the next session of Nebraska Warrior Writers will be announced on our website soon.

Sharon Robino-West’s first published story, “I Honor You,” will be available soon in “As You Were,” a publication created by Military Experience & The Arts. For details, see their website at

To help HN expand this program through sponsorship or donations, or to volunteer (professional writing instructors only, please), call 402.474.2131.



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